Cut Make and Trim

TeRitex Romania specialise in CMT - 'Cut Make And Trim' , which entails the customer supplying all of the raw materials, accessories and any special sewing threads necessary.

The company is in its 8th successful year of business, and has now established itself as a reliable, hard working company specialising in the make up of industrial textile goods at competitive rates. The company specialises in labour intensive stitching work, and currently, makes up various products on behalf of major international companies. This has included various marine products e.g. 5 to 25 person canopies as used in yachts/boats/ships and in airliners, a wide range of after sales car seat covers, various heavy duty outer protective clothing garments and components, high specification thermal lining suits as used inmilitary aircraft, backpack rugs, and sunvisors for use in tanning salons to name but a few.

The substantial savings in labour costs compared with the ever escalating costs in the UK enable the company to help you compete on the worldwide market. With Romania having entered the EEC in 2007, it will be even easier to deal with TeRitex Romania, with much shorter lead times compared with the Far East. Also with daily flights to Bucharest, clients can be at our factory within 12 hours discussing any particularurgent issues that may arise and back in their office not long after!

The company is experienced in importing raw materials, making up, and then exporting the finished goods around the world. Our managers can handle all the paperwork/customs clearance work for you. With close links to the UK, TeRitex Romania has an English speaking Manager, who is fluent in Romanian and Russian. Located in Iasi, Romania, the company has close contacts with the well established textile Romanian infrastructure. The workforce is flexible in its approach, and is willing to look at most CMT work. Contact us now for your requirements!

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